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International Medical Plans for Students in the U.S.

iNext offers three plans that give international students who are temporarily living in the U.S. affordable access to quality medical care.

With iNext Essential, iNext Scholar and iNext Scholar Plus, you can pursue your academic goals in the U.S. with the confidence and security that you’re covered in case of illness or accident.

Purchase a plan

iNext Essential, iNext Scholar and iNext Scholar Plus offer:

  • Quality international student insurance at low rates
  • Individual and group enrollment options
  • Immediate confirmation of insurance via email at time of purchase
  • Prompt waiver processing
  • Up to $300,000 – emergency medical evacuation
  • Up to $50,000 – repatriation of remains
  • Preventative care options
  • Prescription drug coverage (including contraceptives)
  • Emergency dental care
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Coverage options for pre-existing conditions
  • All plans meet F Visa requirements

Which Plan Is Right for You?

Our plans are designed to meet a wide array of needs for international student insurance. Before you purchase, please review the requirements of the college or university you’ll be attending or the program you’ll be participating in first.

iNext Essential provides up to $150,000 per illness/injury up to a $400,000 annual maximum, and up to $7,500 per policy period for maternity. Pre-existing conditions are covered after 180 days.

iNext Scholar provides a higher level of protection against a major covered claim with a $1,000,000 annual medical maximum and no annual deductible. Includes coverage for maternity, prescription drugs, as well as preventative care and annual exams. Pre-existing conditions covered after 180 days.

iNext Scholar Plus provides protection featuring an unlimited medical maximum, as well as coverage for maternity, prescription drugs, preventative care, and annual exams. Pre-existing conditions are covered without a waiting period for policies over 4 months.

Please refer to the chart below for additional information.

Plan Feature iNext Essential iNext Scholar iNext Scholar Plus
Cost From $65.40 per month From $195.60 per month $250 deductible from $239.70 per month

$0 deductible from $263.10 per month
Medical maximums per occurrence/year $400,000 annual maximum

$150,000 per injury/sickness
$1,000,000 annual maximum Unlimited annual maximum
Co-insurance 100% 100% 80%
Deductible $45 per injury/illness* $250 $0 or 250 in-network

$500 out-of-network annual, individual deductible
Pre-Existing Conditions Covered after 180 days Covered after 180 days Policies of 4 months or more: covered without a Waiting Period
Maternity Up to $7,500 per policy period $7,500 per policy period for normal delivery and $10,000 per policy period for C-section 80% URC (usual reasonable costs)
Full Plan Details Essential Retail Plan Details Scholar Plan Details Scholar Plus $0 Deductible Plan Details
Scholar Plus $250 Deductible Plan Details

Download the Disclosures

Compare Full Schedule of Benefits

*If treated at Student Health Center; otherwise $100 per injury/sickness.

(Deductible is $100 if individual does not seek treatment at a campus student health center first.)

All plans available at daily rates. Minimum purchase is 30 days.

iNext International Travel Protection is a division of CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange and a strategic partner of IASIS, the insurance non-profit associated with the World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation.

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