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What is the iNext Difference?

We strive to provide both an exceptional and affordable travel insurance program for those traveling abroad.

By purchasing iNext travel/medical insurance, you are provided with the following benefits:

  • Up to a full year of travel insurance coverage which can be used for multiple trips anywhere in the world outside of the U.S.
  • Daily and monthly coverage options for partner institutions and organizations
  • Quick and easy online enrollment
  • World-class customer service and support
  • Travel card deals which include free international mobile phones and SIM cards and discounted airline tickets

Why is travel insurance so important?

All iNext travel/medical insurance policies are designed to cover the cost of unexpected accidents and illnesses an insured may experience while traveling abroad. Traditional medical insurance may not cover such incidents overseas. All iNext policies also provide a high level of emergency assistance services and support as well as pre-departure information to help prepare the insured for safe travels abroad.

  • Many U.S. insurance plans may not cover medical expenses while the insured is overseas.
  • Many U.S. insurance plans will not cover emergency medical evacuation, transportation, and repatriation expenses.

What are some common situations where you might require travel/medical insurance?

  • Your flight has been cancelled and you are stuck overnight waiting for the next available flight.
  • Your bags are lost and you need replacement clothing and personal articles.
  • You require medical evacuation because you have been injured, and adequate medical treatment is not locally available.
  • You become ill abroad and require medical attention to be able to continue your trip.
  • The occurrence of a security or natural disaster-related emergency that requires your evacuation.