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Security Evacuation Options

Redefining Travel Risk Mitigation

In situations of political unrest, environmental disaster, and/or military action, iNext has partnered with Crisis 24 to provide rapid assistance in response and evacuation to ensure that those covered can be moved to a place of safety, enabling duty of care and peace of mind at all times.

Standard Option

The iNext Basic Security Evacuation Option provides up to $100,000 per person for emergency evacuation to a point of safety in the face of a covered event.

Enhanced Option

The iNext Enhanced Security Evacuation Option is custom-configured to address a portfolio of risks and challenges that extend beyond merely getting the insured to a point of safety and away from immediate danger. In addition to the core coverage included in the Basic plan, the Enhanced solution provides additional options for the evacuated insured.

Benefit iNext Standard iNext Enhanced
Evacuation $100,000 per person $100,000 per person
Hibernation Up to 60 days maximum Up to 60 days maximum
Kidnap/Ransom Consulting $250,000 per person, per Policy Period $250,000 per person, per Policy Period
Terrorism Not Covered Covered
Preemptive Evacuation Not Covered Evacuation covered if declared necessary within 10 days of departure from Host Country
In-Trip Interruption Due to Terrorism Not Covered Up to $5,000 per person, per year
Pre-Trip Cancellation Due to Terrorism Not Covered Up to $5,000 per person, per year
Temporary Lodging, Travel, Logistics Not Covered Up to $200 per person/day up to 14 days
Return to Host Country/Forward Transportation Not Covered Up to $1,000 for ticketing and/or change fees to return to Host Country or alternative destination
Hijack Covered $250,000 per person
Disappearance Not Covered $250,000 per person
Wrongful Detention Covered $250,000 per person
Extortion Not Covered $250,000 per person
Violent Crime Not Covered $250,000 per person
Man-made Disaster Not Covered $250,000 per person
Downloads iNext Standard Plan Details iNext Enhanced Plan Details

*Evacuation services administered by Crisis 24. The table above is for illustration purposes only. Please see policy document for specific terms, conditions, and exclusions

Jeff Thaxter

Director iNext Travel Protection

“The global risk environment has changed dramatically, yet the mitigation strategies currently offered in the market have remained fundamentally static, resulting in a serious gap in expectations that is often poorly understood. iNext’s Security Evacuation solutions transform this landscape by offering our clients enhanced ability to directly control outcomes in the face of ever-evolving safety challenges.”